Rollassage uses a variety of massage tools: foam rollers, massage sticks, therapy balls, and yoga straps.

Rollassage is a self-care workout that uses massage tools to increase flexibility, minimize muscle pain, and improve performance.

Perfect for all fitness levels, Rollassage allows each student to address their personal musculoskeletal challenges, while learning techniques to enhance physical performance and minimize the occurrence of future injuries.

The workout can be easily modified with variations provided for all moves.  The happy vibe and focus on empowerment through education and action encourages students to feel and be their best.

What Our Students Are Saying

My FAVE class!

I love Body R&R

Tiny Gibson

A “Self” Massage

Although I am physically quite active, I do have a desk job and am in front of the computer or on the phone several hours a day. Often by the time I get to the Monday Evening Body R&R Class, my back and shoulders are hurting. Ronnie’s class releases the trigger points, reduces or eliminates pain and allows me a good night’s rest. I fully endorse her techniques!

Linda Tompkins

A class EVERYONE needs.

As not only the president/owner of Island Fitness, but also a certified personal trainer for over 15 years, I can honestly say that Ronnie has been such a wonderful addition to our fitness family. Ronnie’s class size and following will speak for itself. Ronnie not only teaches an incredible class that changes weekly working on different muscles, but she also supplies the tools you may use in class and may want to purchase,so you are able to continue to practice the exercises she shows you on your own. Ronnie will always make herself available a few minutes after each class to allow some time to answer any questions you may have for her about what she taught in that class, or about any other exercise recommendations she may have for another issue you may have going on with your muscles that need attention.
Ronnie not only teaches all the great techniques you need to know, but she also Practices them herself. I would highly recommend Ronnie’s classes to any individual of any age & fitness level to give her class a try. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET HOOKED.

Brenda Canning

Bodyrandr is like getting a massage!

I exercise vigorously on a daily basis and using the techniques Ronnie teaches helps me relieve muscle soreness and joint stiffness, it increases flexibility, blood flow, and circulation, breathing, and range of motion. She has the ability to explain intricacies of the muscular/skeletal system in a simple easy to understand method. Her positive energy, warmth, and love of the program are evident in the both her teaching style and personality. Incorporating these techniques at home are made easy through Ronnie’s encouragement and willingness to address any pertinent to my needs.

Mary McNamara

Her techniques are easily mastered!

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Ronnie Fulton. During her class, she proved a calm and compassionate environment in a caring way always demonstrating her excellent knowledge in proper rolling techniques. She talks extensively about avoiding sports injuries and lowering stress levels by daily rolling. We learned about avoiding sports injuries and lowering stress levels by daily rolling. We learned about flexibility and stability. Her techniques were easily mastered. I have worked with Ronnie for over a year and it’s been extremely positive.

Craig Dunston

Like a full body massage!

Ronnie always shares her extensive knowledge about the body and the to recover and restore it, by using a foam roller, therapy balls, golf balls, ties, ect. I know have all of the things to use at home and it has made a huge difference in helping to keep my body pain free.(Im in my 60’s). I have had back problems in the past, and I truly believe that Body R&R has made a huge difference in keeping it under control.

Vicki Cunningham

Your entire body feels so much better after each class

After taking Ronnie’s Body R&R class once a week for three months I no longer have tendonitis/bursitis in my left shoulder. Ronnie’s program definitely works and your entire body feels so much better after each class. Also, she’s a lot of fun and the time in class goes by much too fast!

Pat Olin

Ronnie is awesome!

I have been to three of Ronnie’s rolling sessions, and each one has been fantastic. I love finding my “happy” spots. Ronnie takes the time to ensure that you know exactly what you are doing. The reason you are doing it, and the benefits from the movement. She is very knowledgeable and extremely patient! I always leave a session with her feeling like I have accomplished something good for my body. I highly recommend attending a session and finding out for yourself. You will also find happiness!

Debra Corda

Ronnie is a true professional

Ronnie is a true professional with the knowledge, planned approach and delivery that is understandable for the everyday person. What I liked was her explaining the parts of the body that will benefit from the roll she is showing. I could relate what I thought was a result of some good/intense working out to maybe I hadn’t stretched the appropriate muscles before or after. Had a few Oww and Wow moments.

Maryellen Patterson

Happiness is a Foam Roller

… and much much more. Ronnie Fulton’s Body R&R is a class everyone should have on their fitness schedule. Ronnie really knows muscle mechanics and how to make your body feel and work better. She provides a variety of tools to roll and massage various parts of the body and really attack those ‘happy spots’ we all have. I now own most of the tools but prefer to attend Ronnie’s wonderful classes and workshops because Ronnie brings happiness to your best and worst day and always leaves you smiling!

Peg Frees

Took this

Took this Body R&R class twice now, and both times came away from it feeling renewed and might I say limber…..Ronnie is full of knowledge and explains what the different techniques do to release and relax the muscles..( including the laughing muscle, as the class is also a lot of fun ! ) . This class is also something that anybody can do…you do not need to be an athlete to be in need of some good muscle relaxation and self massage…I look forward to taking more classes !

Dawn E Parizo

The Benefits

  • Better Circulation
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increased Joint Rage of Motion
  • Stress Reduction
  • Prevent Injury
  • Reduce Exercise Related Soreness
  • Breaks up Scar Tissue
  • Improved Performance
  • Relaxation

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