Our massage studio is located at 6400 Manatee Ave West, Suite B, Bradenton FL 34210.
Phone: (941)677-8399


We are located in partnership with New Life Acupuncture Center.

Therapeutic Massage – – 30 min. $50, 60 min. $85, 90 min. $115
Combines various manual therapy techniques including gliding, kneading, cupping, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots, reduce stress, increase circulation and promote relaxation.  All Therapeutic Massage appointments can be booked online.

Couples Massage — 90 min. $150
Are you looking for fun, and relaxing date night ideas that bring you and your partner closer? Have you ever given your partner a massage and at the end have a sore back and sore hands?  Join us for this therapy session where you and your partner will learn the fundamentals of giving a relaxing massage.  We teach you massage techniques for the neck, shoulders and back, designed especially so you can replicate it at home. Learn the basics of how to give your partner a relaxing massage with no sore thumbs.  Call to schedule.

Massage ROLL Party — 90 min $175
Love our Foam ROLLing classes and workshops?  Now you can “share the joy” of muscle love with your family and friends.  Perfect as a Girls Night Out Party, Bridal Shower or a Just Because Celebration ,the Massage ROLL Party is a fun way to take care of your muscles and relax your body.  We provide all the massage tools and foam rollers.  Price includes up to ten participants and travel.  Call to schedule.

Event Chair Massage – Reward employees and reduces stress in your office with our on-site chair massage services.  Hosting a trade-show or convention?  Chair massage is healthy and cost effective way to increase foot traffic at your booth or event.  Call for pricing.

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