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Restore Bodies.  Make the World Happy 🙂  Become an Instructor!

Further your career by learning how to help people foam ROLL & Recover their muscles.  Our workouts are designed to be facilitated in an Group Ex Format, Workshop and One-On-One Trainings.

In this Hands-On Workshop, you will learn simple ways to improve performance, enhance muscle recovery, minimize injury and increase mobility through the use of professional massage tools. Perfect for massage therapists, fitness professionals, yoga instructors, physical therapists, and chiropractors, the knowledge gained in this workshop can be applied to improve client outcomes, create an additional source of revenue, as well as, to empower the professional with self-care career extending strategies.

We will cover techniques for the following types of massage tools:

– Foam Rollers
– Therapy Balls
– Massage Sticks
– Electronic Massages
– Handheld Tools
– Oils/Lotions

Note: CE’s will be provided for Massage Therapists 20-562153 6 hours
Successful pass rate of 80% required to receive certification.
Non-fitness/medical professionals are welcome to attend but will require completion of our online anatomy course PRIOR to attending class. If interested, please contact Ronnie Fulton at

Cost: $199.00

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